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Scarlattine Teatro – an experience of life

Finally I have time to write some words about my volentary-work in Italia. With some other young people from allover the world I worked almost one month under the Italian enviromental organisation „Legambiente“ for the Italian theater group „Scarlattine Teatro„. And about this very interessant theatre group I want to tell something about their project, their idea, their way of playing theater and their message.

We all were involded in the mountains of North Italy more exactly in the area of Lecco in a two week theatre festival called „il giardino delle esperidi“. I think „il giardino delle esperidi“ means so far „garden of experience“. I will look on this slogan later.
So what is „Scarlattine Teatro“? The group „Scarlattine Teatro“ consists of several young grown up actors which come together starting a cultural, artfull, ecological and political project. They are indpendent and travel to different places in Europe to show thei performances. How this group was born you can read also on their website but I´m not able to translate it.
With the main idea of playing theatre to explore different ways of communication of individuals and their surroundings the theatre group want to show our point of view in a world whose overview we loose so often.
What is necessary in the world?
Where is our imagination located and how we can spread our view?

Their way of playing theatre is strongly emphazised through an intensive, emotional and deeply-sensed way of using language of body and the fine expression of our voice. With these two components they create plays of entertainment and seriousness which can attract also uninformed spectators. The theatre group try to connect their perfomances with the spectators in a direct way so that they can even take part in it. And also here the basic and main idea is the search and attemp of the theatre group to reveal different ways of communication which are origin, honest and real but we don´t want to use them. It is a discover and consideration of the behaviour of individuals, their limits and how we react in a life with its various moments.
What is the individual in his surrounding? and
What is the surrounding in the individual´s mind?

These are the important questions, we have to look at.
I want to remind „il giardino delle esperidi“; the surrounding is the garden, and we have to dsicover it with our mind, with our conscience and attention.
Attention, pay attention for your garden. That is the further step. Attention is important for us to can react in our life and then get some experience, some life experience.
Or on the whole you can say it like this; the spectator shall get an impulse of becoming critical aware of what is arround him and inside of him. Don´t take over models, take a look no it!

The stage design of the performances are always different because „Scarlattine“ travel arround. Therefore it is every time special and interesting. Reacting after the slogan of „making much of less“ they try to combine nature, houses and modern techniques together in their performances. Not the stage design will be changed but the surroundings will be integrated in the production of the plays.

Another aspect I want to tell is the political project of the theatre group. Acting not only by words but in actions. So they also perform in areas of trouble in Europe and Asia. In the area of Kaukasus where there is the conflict between the Russia and Chechenia people and also in the Balcan area where happened the last and very cruel ethnic war in Europe the theatre group wants to make signs of thinking and peace and also give there an idea of reconciliation. On the other hand they want to show the over there situations directly for the Europeans.

It was very interesting and nice to get the change to work with the actors. They are people with a remarkable character and idealism. For thinking about their ideas we can maybe get closer to the search of human behaviour and life experience. Theatre is a good impulse and basic for that.
So thanks Legambiente, thanks Scarlattine!!

(English isn´t my strength; show indulgence)



  1. Sounds like an interesting experience!

    „Il giardino delle Esperidi“ is a garden told about in Greek mythology. „Esperidi“ (unfortunately I don’t know the English translation) are (in the most common version of the myth) the three daughters of goddess of the night. They protect the tree in the garden. You might translate „Il giardino delle esperidi“ as paradise, at least the Christian idea of paradise is largely based on this myth.

  2. I’m sorry for the double post, but I remember the English name of „Espiri“ now, it’s Hesperides.

    There’s a full explanation of what the garden is all about on Wikipedia.

  3. Hei thanks thanks;
    you are the fastest person ever who answered!

    Right I can remember.
    This give me now another point of view of the festival….
    Maybe I should ask them after the reason for this name.

  4. Hei, Daniel. How’s the weather of Finland?

    Thanks for your great writing about the project we were involved togther in Hello and Ello.
    It’s a nice opportunity to think about the spirits of
    that project again. : )

    Also, I realized it’s very important to participate in activities as much as possible that can make something valuable for mankind in any direction..

    I’m really proud of you guys all over the world who want to make this world the better place more than now. I really want to go with you guys.
    So, I’ll do my best here, in Korea : ) from this place of the earth!

    Ah, can I scrap this writing to my blog? : )
    May IIIIII?
    Ciao, Ciao : ) Here is 00:56!

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