Verfasst von: sanddancer | August 31, 2007

not such kind of indie

I want to introduce you three interesting band of North Europe. In general you would say they all play some kind of indie, progressive, post punk/hc music. But that isn´t the real core.

The special matter to these bands is how they try to reach a level of energy what is such new and special for you ear that you are impressed automtically. All of them use a non-usual proportion of attention and remedy without losing their own style. It´s nice how they connect the melodies and thythm for discover new corners of disharmony and harmony with the consequence that a deep atmosphere and broad thinking are developed. When you are filled in you can´t leave the sound like the slogan:

„I play music so I am.“

from England: second monday
from Finland: on volcano
from Sveden: september malevolence

,….and shit drink alcohol before you think about life of working.



  1. I love music from up north, although I’m not that big a fan of English bands (which, considering I live there most time of the year might not be the best of all choices :)). I really prefer Icelandic and Swedish bands, so logically from the ones you’ve listed here September Malevolence are definitely my favourite ones (they’re from Sweden, not Norway).

    I think you’re right by saying that they createb something new that catches your attention from the start. Compared to the major American labels, which unfortunately are still very prominent on the radio because they have the money to pay for airplay, Northern Europeans dare to push the boundaries of what the industry considers to have commercial potential.

  2. thanks for the correction..
    I wasn´t absolute sure if from norway or sweden…

    Maybe that´s the reason that their music sounds so own and free. Away from given directions they can develop for themselves.

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