Verfasst von: sanddancer | Oktober 19, 2007

current media art from Scandanavia

moving potraits

I want to introduce three current media artist from Scandanavia. They have an interesting style and are famous in their homecountries. On the whole they present the feeling of life in their different way. From moveless subjects to intensive, dynamic objects the protagonists move in an eternal part to their surrounding or relation. Whether with words, movement, pregnance, directeness the arts find a communication with their spectators.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila; from Finland

Her works are human dramas and deal with different problematic situations of life. They are a search and attemption of „seeing time and memories“ in connection to experiences. Motives like desintergration, affection, individual identity and death are emphasized.

Salla Tykkä; from Finland

Salla Tykkä is a young female filmmaker who mainly creates shortfilms. The content of these films are young women and their development of grown up and cognition. It is a description of distance, sympathy, delight, love human affection of periods of time. Thereby Tykka uses no direct communication. The works are creations of aesthetics, language of body mimic& gestic.

AK Dolven; from Norway

The course of time and its interpretation is the main topic of Dolven´s works. In a minimalistic way of acting or moving and more poetic she shows what is the meaning of time in opposite to our behaviour. The acting appears in small transfers so that you have to pay attention not missing them.

What else? Out now, look at it.

Additionally here is a collection of short films about lappland.


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