Verfasst von: sanddancer | April 1, 2008

Globetrotters I

I want to start a small new blog – serial about travellers and travelling in general. Means I´m going to to write some sentences about some active and interesting people and friends I met on journeys or anywhere. They travelled arround the world, worked and took part in different projects or just wanted to open up their mind beyound the ordinary way of thinking.

The first project I want to introduce has the simple phrase „It can be you“. This includes an idea of a Korean guy and journalism student who travelled in almost one year all over the world and got to know different cultures and people. Although he visited so much stations (it´s hard to assimilate a lot of new impressions) he tried to build up connections to the habitants of each place. Besides taking part in different workcamps he had a slogan with a background. He asked people to make a video of himself during he spreaded out his message „It can be you“; a message on a Shirt as a call to everyone. This is the sense of his idea to encourage people in a humorous way to be open , to travel and to overcome the own „homehills“ of thinking. What we know from others? As he did it (learning and taking part in the way of life of other cultures) he made a step forward to understand more from „neighbours.“

watch out his video and project!



  1. Entschuldige dass ich jetzt auf Deutsch antworte: Ich finde das Konzept vom Reisen ein sehr schönes, und die Idee, andere Menschen, Kulturen, Ideen kennenzulernen noch viel schöner. Und deshalb versuche ich so viel wie möglich rumzukommen, was in Europa durch viele EU-finanzierte Projekte ja leicht möglich ist – aber eigentlich zieht es mich schon die Ferne.

    Denn eigentlich lernt man nicht nur andere kennen, sondern auch sehr viel sich selbst!

  2. hei
    kein problem:
    Du hast vollkommen recht und wenn ich dir was empfehlen darf, dann probier mal couch surfen aus; das ist eine tolle Art zu Reisen!

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